Adjusting color of highlighted words returned in a Find/Search

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When text is highlighted during a Search through a Live script, it stands out insufficiently from the background, in my Matlab configuration:
I did not find any settings for this in the Preferences, under Colors or Editor/Debugger. Funnily enough, that color actually provides better contrast if searching within an .m file, since the background color there is for some reason different than for mlx files in the Live Editor:
I used Schemer at some point to customise my color scheme, but I don't recall there being a specific parameter allowing adjustment of the color of text that is highlighted during a Search. Can that nonetheless be changed, independently of the background & font text?
Jacky Tsai
Jacky Tsai on 25 May 2022
Hi @z8080, I apologize for the late reply. Regarding your question, there's no preference/setting for this particular highlighting color. The development team is aware of this issue and working on the improvement. During the time being, please feel free to contact technical support. Thanks!

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