Circuit design with a switch to charge the capacitor then upon reaching the desired charge second switch triggers to supply energy to resistor.

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making a circuit with AC voltage supply, where a switch 1 completes the circuit and charges the capapcitor. Then upon the full caprging of capacitor switch 1 open and switch 2 closed to complete the second part of cuicuit where a resistor is attached and current and voltage is measured accros it.
Attaching my progress in simulink as a pic and file both. Dont know how to use the switches.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 5 May 2022
Hello Sarthak,
the best thing to do is probably take the free trianing here for Simscape and Circuits:
but specifically, you need to pass signals to the devices that are larger than the specified threshold voltage. The easiest way to do this is to send signals in Simulink through an s to ps converter block. If you set your turn on voltage to 0.5, then a 1 and a 0 will turn them on and off.
See this example for how switches can be controlled:


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