R2014b: How to make the filled areas in contourf semi-transparent?

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(At least) in Release 2014b, the contourf - command returns a Contour object, which may be filled or not, but there is no such thing as a "FaceAlpha"-property. The question is, how to make these filled areas nonetheless appear semi-transparent ???
(I have already tried to work with the returned contour matrix cc and fill-commands, but it is hard to do this if - as here is the case - the borders of the axes are touched.)

Answers (1)

Garrett Barter
Garrett Barter on 5 Mar 2015
I struggled with this too. If you use "pcolor" instead of "contourf" this is possible. For instance,
h = pcolor(X,Y,Z); set(h,'EdgeAlpha',0,'FaceAlpha',0.7);

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