Can I use the Guide function of MATLAB to create GUI in Raspberry Pi?

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I'm still a newbie in MATLAB and I don't klnow if GUIDE function works to create GUI in raspberry Pi.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 May 2022
No, not a chance.
What is supported for the Raspberry Pi is to use Simulink to send images (possibly computed) to the Raspberry Pi display. I do not know of any way at the MATLAB level to do a simple sending of images to the Pi. You could ftp (since about R2014a-ish) or sftp since R2021a, in order to send a JPG file to the Pi, as imread() on the pi supports JPG (only) if I recall correctly. However, at the moment I do not know of any direct way to display that image on the Pi.
For input, in theory keyboards are a kind of serial that could be potentially be acted on... but certainly not through any typical GUIDE methods. I do not recall any standard way of interacting with the mouse on the Pi; there probably is one, but definitely not using GUIDE techniques.
GUIs in MATLAB are figures that have some behaviour attached; they need a fair bit of the power of the graphics subsystem (they have to be able to handle arbitrary text and graphics.) There is no possibility of moving major parts of the MATLAB graphics and input events manager onto the Pi.
There is a standard library for 7-segment LCD displays; my memory is telling me that the class of device supports at most 4 lines of 32 characters each. And that would not be due to anything at the GUIDE level.
App Designer does not improve the situation at all, as far as I know. It does, however, have more long-term potential, as App Designer is based on uifigure() and uifigure() are based on HTML5, so there is hope that at some point you might be able to have a GUI display on the Pi, though it might have to be "driven" from MATLAB for several releases, maybe.

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Voss on 18 May 2022
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 May 2022
You are right, a GUI that runs on MATLAB host, that communicates with Raspberry Pi (or Arduino) is feasible... though the more it needs to display to the Pi or get mouse or keyboard events from the Pi, the more difficult it gets.

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