How can i view only a small section of my graph?

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So i am undergoing spectral analysis by first applying the FFT to my RF signal. I therefore analyzed the PSD and plotted it against the frequency (see pic). I want to compare this graph with a similar graph but i don't want to compare it all at once. I wanna analyze small sections of the graph say for example from 2MHz to 2.5MHz and then compare my first graph with the my second graph at a frequency of 2MHz to 2.5MHz.
I tried using the Hann and Hamming windowing techniques but it didnt work due to the arrays having incompatible sizes. Therefore, i just want to know how can i analyze multiple small sections of my graph? I was thinking of using a for loop and analysing my graph at say a 0.5MHz step size but i am not sure how that would work as both graphs have the same frequency but differnet PSD's.
Thanking you massively in advance!!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Jun 2022
Why don't you try adjusting xlim?

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