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Unable to connect to MySQL (native data source configuration) on iMac

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[My Computer Setup]
iMac Pro OSX 12.4 Montery
MySQL/C++ connector has been installed by brew as well as by .dmg package. The path to the brew-installed library and the path to the dmg-installed library have been added to the PATH variable in .zshrc.
I am the sole user and administrator of my computer and the MySQL server.
[Connection to MySQL native with script]
First, I tried connection with script.
vendor = "MySQL";
opts = databaseConnectionOptions("native",vendor);
testdb = "/Users/simon/testdb.sql";
opts = setoptions(opts, ...
'DataSourceName',"MySQLDatSource", ...
'DatabaseName', testdb,'Server',"localhost", ...
username = "xxxxxx";
password = "xxxxxx";
s = testConnection(opts,username,password)
[Error Message]
I received this error message:
Failed to load bundle #324:
though this .dylib file exists in that folder.
[Connection to MySQL native with Database Explorer app]
Then, I tried Database Explorer app. I chose native mode for MySQL, and typed in localhost, port number 3306, same information as what I used in the scropt. I clicked ‘Test’ and typed in for Username and Password in the prompt window. The ‘Test Connection’ showed a spinning wheel runing forever and ever.
[Failed effort to resolve the problems]
I had tried two solutions suggested in the Mathworks community. Both failed.
failed solution 1.) I copied the unloadable file, libmwlibmysql.dylib, to the working directory of my script. Didn’t work.
failed solution 2.) While some had suggested copying the library file to /usr/lib, Apple computer did not permit that owing to the security mechanism on Mac OS.
[MySQL/JDBC connectoin]
This connection passed the 'Test Connection' stage. But when I made a connection with a database, I received a different error message. This is a different issue, so I would not elaborate it here.

Accepted Answer

Simon on 27 Mar 2023
After I upgrade Matlab to 2023a, this problem is gone. I now can connect to MySQL server with "native" mode. Thanks to Mathworks team for making it work.
conn = mysql(username, password)

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