No horizontal scrollbar on on UITable in App Designer

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I am working on an app in AppDesigner. One of the features requires the ability to import a large table (CSV or XLSX) with an unknown size (~50-60 columns). The app starts with an empty table and the user selects one to view.
When the user imports the table, a vertical scrollbar is automatically generated and the user can scroll down all the rows. However, the horizontal scrollbar is not generated even though the table extends off the panel significantly. See attached image.
If I specify a size for the initial empty table then a horizontal scroll bar will appear, but it will not adjust to the correct size once the user imports a new table. Since the user table size is unknown, this will not work.
I only see this problem in the AppDesigner. Generate a UIFigure and UITable using the MATLAB command line, a scroll appears and adjusts to size without issue. However, this functionality is part of a larger app, and I would prefer to work inside the AppDesigner.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 7 Dec 2022
Edited: Adam Danz on 7 Dec 2022
If you are experiencing this problem, it would be helpful to
  1. attach your app and any additional required files
  2. provide step-by-step instructions to recreate the problem starting with opening the app.
  3. tell us what MATLAB Release you're using (see the ver or version functions)
Alternatively, contact tech support to report a bug and provide the information above.

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Answers (1)

Arash Moshkforoush
Arash Moshkforoush on 28 Sep 2022
I had the same problem, but only when I tried using the app as a webapp.
What worked for me was that if I increase the number of columns to a large number in the ColumnName section of the UITable (in my case 20 columns; which is larger than the number of columns of the actual table), once a new table is loaded, the scrollbar is automatically generated.
Another possible workaround is to increase the ColumnWidth such that the initial table is wider than the alloted space.
Hope this helps
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Staffan Neth
Staffan Neth on 5 Dec 2022
I tried you suggested workaround with ColumnWidth, and it made the scrollbar appear, but scrollbar is still not updated when the table is updated, so the scrollbar is still limited to the initial width, which is not enough.

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