MILP: how to work a for loop into a constraint

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I am trying to add a Constraint to my optimization (linear programming), that ensures, that a resource only works on one task at every given time (it's logical, that a resource/human cannot work on two screwing jobs at the same time).
My optimization variable is a boolean 3D array x[task, resource, time] which is 1 if at the time a task is started by the resource; 0 otherwise.
Time is considered in seconds of unit 1.
processing_time(task, ress) is a matrix with the indivudal times a ressource needs for every job there is.
I managed to build the for loops, that should be help up, but how do I combine it with/into a constraint for my optimization?
Explanation of the loops: I am looking at every processing time window for the jobs and and the sum over them are not allowed to be higher than 1 (so in the time window (processing time) of a task there is only the one (1) start of this one given task in the 3D array).
Mainly the "sum <= 1" is my Constraint.
So how do I get this to work in my optimization problem?
for ress = 1:nR
for time = 1:nPT
for task = 1:nT
if (time-processing_time(task,ress) >0)
sum (x(task,ress,(time-processing_time(task,ress)):time)<=1)
Thanks ahead!

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