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cefhelper (Renderer) icon bouncing in Mac OS Dock, whenever accessing Matalb 'help'

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Let me describe what happens. I type in the command line 'help dir' (or help other topics). I click Documentation for strsplit, and the window of 'Help Center' appears. So far so good. But when I click the 'Examples' button, a new icon called 'cefhelper (renderer)' appear in my Mac's Dock area. It keeps bouncing up and down without stopping. If I click 'Force Quit' to kill it, the 'Help Center' window is killed as well.
That phenomena occurs randomly. But it seems to occur more often when there are no examples available. The Help Center ahows 'No results in the File Operations category.'
Is there any way to fix that problem?
Simon on 18 Nov 2022
Edited: Simon on 19 Nov 2022
just did that with the latest MacOS Ventura. Let's see if that problem will disppear. Thanks for the help. If it works, it would be a pain-killer for many Matlab coders.
update) That solution works! The problem does not appear again.
Jacqueline McSweeney
Jacqueline McSweeney on 30 Nov 2022
This seemed to have fixed it!! Running OS Monterery. Thank you so much for the recommendation Walter!

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