How to convert csv to Heatmap?

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Stride Okorie
Stride Okorie on 26 Jul 2022
Commented: dpb on 26 Jul 2022
Hello, I am relatively new to using MATLAB so I am coming across some issues. I want to convert a .csv file with A LOT of raw data and visualize it as a heatmap. It is a 36189x88 data table. This code I have so far shows something but it is not really giving me what I want. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
close all;
data = readtable("N303_M.2.csv");
%% Data Filtering/Processing
clc, clearvars -except data, format compact, close all
%convert from Table to Array
strain(:, 1:88) = table2array(data(:,1:88));
%% Data Visualizations
plot(strain(:, 1:88));
heatmap(strain(:, 1:88),'Colormap', jet,)
title('Visual Data for Mat')
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dpb on 26 Jul 2022
Well, we're at a loss to help -- no data, not even a figure or a hint of what you might think it is you would want instead...
What would 32K x 88 data values be, even, pray tell? You've taken all of it and just mushed it together as one thing, surely there's some demarcation of what the 88 columns would be?

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