How do I create two MATLAB for loops

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Johanna Huber
Johanna Huber on 10 Aug 2022
Commented: Jeffrey Clark on 10 Aug 2022
I am new to MATLAB and my loops don't work out the way I want them to.
I have a basic set of data (96 samples), for all the new added samples I want the loop to be performed. First I want to determine the slope of the new dataset. This for loop was working perfektly when performed with performed with p=1. Afterwards, with line3 + Max3, I want to find out the localmax for the different p's. Line3 is calculated perfectly with 1:2 instead of p, when replaced it doesn't work. The error is: Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds. Index must not exceed 1.
I want to get sRay1l/sRay1r for all p's and afterwards the Ray1left to be calculated with this value.
new_samples = Xstart.nSample - base_samples;
for p = 1:new_samples
for k = 1:Xstart.nEm %slope
if (0 < k) && (k < Xstart.nEm)
dx3(p,k) = (Xstart.X(p,k+1,66) - Xstart.X(p,k,66)) / 2; %Bei Ex=447 nm
dx3(p,k) = 0;
line3 = Xstart.X(p,:,66);
Max3 = islocalmax(line3,2);
if Max3(p,64) == 1
sRay1l = 54+find(dx3(p,55:57)<0.01); %slopt left from localmax < 0.01 Abstand
if sRay1l > 0 %if there is sRay1l
Ray1left(p) = Xstart.Em(64) - Xstart.Em(max(sRay1l(p))); %lower boundary
else %otherwise distance = 0
Ray1left(p) = 0;
sRay1r = 64+find(dx3(p,65:71)>0); %slopt left from localmax > 0
if sRay1r > 0
Ray1right(p) = Xstart.Em(min(sRay1r(p))) - Xstart.Em(64); %above scatter
Ray1right(p) = 0;
Ray1left(p) = 0;
Ray1right(p) = 0;
Maybe someone is able to help.
Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark on 10 Aug 2022
@Johanna Huber, you said line3 = Xstart.X(p,:,66) works when p=1:2 as would Max3 = islocalmax(line3,2) and following uses of it; in that case line3 is a matrix (1:2,:) and Max3 is a matrix. Now when p is a single value line3 and Max are only vectors (:) which will error out on statements like if Max3(p,64) == 1.

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