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I am trying to create an interactive plot GUI through AppDesigner.
I need to base the plot a given function:
I then need to generate a plot based off of the equation and what the user inputs.
I am currently struggling to code the callback for the plot button. Could somebody please tell me how (and it would greatly appreciated if you could show me complete code). This is what I have so far within a callback code for the plot button:
syms n N
Bozza on 10 Oct 2022
The information is fine, the picture however is copyrighted, so please stop editing it back in...

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Accepted Answer

chrisw23 on 6 Sep 2022
I suggest to call the plot function just once (initially with default parameters at startup()). The returned object is a line.
app.sinusoidLine = plot(app.UIAxes,time,y);
Store the object as property (i.e. app.sinusoidLine).
Then change the XData and YData properties of the line in your callback function.
app.sinusoidLine.XData = time;
app.sinusoidLine.YData = y;

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