how to simplify a symmatrix expression

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GTCZD on 1 Oct 2022
Answered: Walter Roberson on 1 Oct 2022
Three symmatrix type variables: Cn, MW0 and MDW0. I apply the command "simplify(Cn*(MW0+ MDW0) - Cn*MW0)" and I hope it output " Cn * MDW0". However, I only got an error "Incorrect number or types of inputs or outputs for function 'simplify' ". How to solve this issue? The following code block could reproduce this error. Thanks a lot.
syms MW0 [3 3] matrix
syms MDW0 [3 3] matrix
syms Cn [3 3] matrix
detlaC_1 = BiasCdiff1 - Cdiff1
sipReC_1 = simplify(BiasCdiff1 - Cdiff1) % the line throw out error

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Oct 2022
syms MW0 [3 3] matrix
syms MDW0 [3 3] matrix
syms Cn [3 3] matrix
expression = Cn*(MW0+ MDW0) - Cn*MW0
expression = 
ans = 'symmatrix'
So the expression returns a symmatrix not a sym and not a symfun
Methods for class symmatrix: adjoint csc display horzcat kron log mtimes power sin symmatrix2sym uminus cat ctranspose double inv latex minus ne pretty size tan uplus conj det eq isempty ldivide mldivide norm rdivide subs times vertcat cos diff exp isequal length mpower numel rhs sym trace vpa cot disp gradient isequaln lhs mrdivide plus sec symmatrix transpose Static methods: empty
Notice that simplify() is not one of the listed methods. Which is to say, that simplify() is not defined for expressions involving symmatrix.




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