DataTip is shown far from the selected data sample. How can I fix it ?

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I have a GUI application created using appdesigner. I plot a scatter plot for random 10 x 2 data. Insted of default datacursor associated with the axis, I created a custom toolbar icon and enable/disable the data cursor from there.
In my data, the X axis values are in the range [0-1]e17, where as my Y axis values are in the range [0-1]e-1. I plot this data in the axes using scatter plot. I enable datacursor tool by clicking on the icon and then click on a sample. The datatip is displayed far from the actual sample.
I am attaching the image for reference. Also attaching my sample code.
Is there any way to fix this ?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 28 Oct 2022
Edited: Kevin Holly on 28 Oct 2022
I ran the provided app in R2021b and had the same issue.
I ran the provided app in R2022b and it was resolved.
I would suggest using R2022b.
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Varun Pai
Varun Pai on 31 Oct 2022
Hi Kevin,
Thank you for the answer.
Apart from upgrading the MATLAB, Is there any other solution or hack ? Because I have some dependency on R2021b. I run in RHEL7.6, which is not supported by R2022b. I could not update the OS because it is shared by other users also.

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