Matlab Audio Filter with changing Frequency

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Dear Matlab Community, I am working on project where I need to be able to filter/extract a frequency band which should be „tuneable“ over time. For example: I am interested in the frequency range 220 to 240 for 0.5 seconds, then the range should gradually go up to 320 to 340 in 1 second. Ideal would be a solution similar to an envelope where time and frequency can be inserted. There is modern audio software, where it is possible to draw a selection and then export that as an audio file but I am looking for an automated solution since I need to do that many hundreds time. Any help is much appreciated thanks!
Hans Buchele
Hans Buchele on 1 Dec 2022
Hey Mathieu, thanks! Glad to have you on board!

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 1 Dec 2022
hello again
so this is a variable coefficient IIR implementation
I used a white noise as test signal, the output signal shows that the spectral content follows the time / frequency characteristics of the bandpass filter.
The for loop could be made faster with a custom made digital filter coefficients computation that will be faster than the call to the built in function butter
Fs = 2000;
x = randn(Fs*3,1); % 3 seconds duration signal (white noise)
[samples,channels] = size(x);
dt = 1/Fs;
time = (0:samples-1)*dt;
%% filter time / frequency characteristics
% 1/ fixed frequency range 220 to 240 for first 0.5 seconds,
stop_sample1 = round(0.5*Fs); % at this iteration value we change to variable IIR (for loop)
flow = 220;
fhigh = 240;
N = 4;
[B,A] = butter(N,2/Fs*[flow fhigh]);
nB = length(B);
nA = length(A);
yy = filter(B,A,x); % init output with fixed characteristics filter
% 2/ frequency ramp up 220 / 240 to 320 to 340 in 1 second.
flow2 = 320;
fhigh2 = 340;
freq_slope_low = (flow2-flow)/Fs /1; % the 1 is for 1 second.
freq_slope_high = (fhigh2-fhigh)/Fs /1; % the 1 is for 1 second.
% IIR filter for loop
y = yy; % init y for samples 1 to stop_sample1
for k = stop_sample1:samples % for iteration >= nB sample
flowk = min(flow2,flow + freq_slope_low*(k-stop_sample1)); % current flow at iteration k
fhighk = min(fhigh2,fhigh + freq_slope_high*(k-stop_sample1)); % current fhigh at iteration k
N = 4;
[B,A] = butter(N,2/Fs*[flowk fhighk]);
% main recursion
y(k) = B*x(k:-1:k-nB+1) - A(2:nA)*y(k-1:-1:k-nA+1);
NFFT = 512;
specgram(y,NFFT,Fs,hanning(NFFT),round(0.75*NFFT)) ;
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 9 Dec 2022
I supposed your hear glitches ? that is something I discovered later .... and finally ended up reading some good publications about the issues regarding time varying filters

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jibrahim on 30 Nov 2022
Hi Hans,
Take a look at dsp.VariableBandwidthFIRFilter or dsp.VariableBandwidthIIRFIlter. They both support bandpass tunable filters.


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