Trying to enable "Import custom code" option and the box is greyed out and will not let me enable.

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I am trying to run a simulink multibody system that uses a time based function as input for the position of a revolute joint. I am using the clock function and the Matlab function block. It gives me the error below, but when I follow the link and try to change the setting the box is greyed out and I cannot enable "Import Custom Code".
C Caller block 'RightArm90ByPositionInputUserDefinedFunctionAddedRE/Right Elbow Joint/User-Defined Functions/C Caller' requires model to have associated importable custom code. There is no custom code specified, or 'Import custom code' is disabled.
Suggested Actions
You may add custom code dependency to model 'simulink'Open
Enable 'Import custom code' for model 'simulink'

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