How do I plot the Orbital Motion Component?

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Hi Mate,
I'm doing my assignment and need to calculate the fuel mass required for the full process about the rocket in lower lunar orbit and landing in moon, but i have no idea how to plot the orbital motion component during the process, just got some hints as below and attached images is the example from tutor we have to plot like that.
I have plot in lower lunar orbit to Moon and Moon to Lower lunar orbit, if any one can help for this?
%% Plot initial orbit and moon surface
%% Define and plot transfer orbit
% Calculate eccentricity
% Calcuate radius
% Plot figures
% plot the figure
Here is some parameter from Apollo 11:
% Define Fixed Parameters:
M_Moon = 7.3476e22 % Mass of the moon (kg)
R_Moon = 1.737e6 % radius of the moon (m)
m_Ascent_Module_Dry = 2445 % Dry mass of ascent stage (kg)
m_Descent_Module_Dry = 2034 % Dry mass of the descent stage (kg)
g_Moon = 1.625 % Acceleration due to gravity on the Moon's surface (m/s^2)
alt_LLO = 100000 % Lower Lunar Orbit Altitude (m)
I_sp1 = 264 % Specific Impulse (s) for LLO insertion
I_sp2 = 264 % Specific Impulse (s) for takeoff
I_sp3 = 264 % Specific Impulse (s) for the descent stage

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