Helix/dipoleHelix in MATLAB R2016b version

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Can I use this version (MATLAB R2016b) to draw Helix/dipoleHelix?
When I use such functions, such as:
dh = dipoleHelix('Radius',2, 'StripWidth',1.2e-3, 'Spacing',20e-3);
it returns error: Undefined function or variable 'dipoleHelix'.
Thanks in advance!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Dec 2022
This function is part of Antenna Toolbox. Check the output of the ver function to see if you have this toolbox installed. If you don't, you won't be able to use this function.
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Arun Bar
Arun Bar on 6 Dec 2022
Thanks, Steven! I checked. Antenna toolbox is not included my matlab.
If you dont mind, can I ask you the following question if you know the ansewer?
I use the matlab (R2016b) version (9.1) that has our institute lisence. Now, if I buy the Antenna Toolbox add non (academic user - individual), can I integrate with the current matlab and use?
Many thanks!

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