perfmance: "imageDatastore" low performance when specifying multiple file names directly

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Very low performance when specifying multiple image full path names for a given imageDatastore,see benchmark below.
env: matlab 2022b, win10
imgsDir = "someImgDir";
imgNames = imgsDir+"/"+string(0:2687)+".jpg";% The more images you have, the lower the performance
t1 = tic;
for i = 1:10
imds = imageDatastore(imgNames); % low
t = toc(t1)
t2 = tic;
for i = 1:10
imds = imageDatastore(imgsDir); % high
t = toc(t2)
t =
t =
Initially I wanted to sort the files in the ImageDatastore by Arabic arrays, but found the above to be a real performance problem, any better suggestions?

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