No matter what I do in App Designer, the image doesn't update.

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As shown in the figure, No. 101 (purple arrow) is in the opposite direction to No. 102. At this time, 101.jpg, which was newly saved after correcting the direction (rightmost picture), has an arrow pointing upward. However, whether I turn my computer off and on, create a new folder, or delete all my photos and move them back, the arrow always points in the downward direction before editing. What could be the problem?
function BtnOpen1ButtonPushed(app, event)
[app.filename1, user_canceled] = imgetfile('InitialPath', app.ROOT_PATH );
if user_canceled == true, return; end
[app.ROOT_PATH, name, ext] = fileparts(app.filename1);
app.Fn1.Value = app.filename1;
app.img1 = imread( app.filename1 );
image(app.UIAxes1, app.img1)
axis(app.UIAxes1, 'tight')
app.UIAxes1.Title.String = name;
nLen = length(name);
fmtspec = sprintf('%%0%dd', nLen);
name2 = sprintf(fmtspec, str2double(name) + 1 );
app.filename2 = fullfile( app.ROOT_PATH, strcat(name2, ext) );
app.img2 = imread( app.filename2 );
image(app.UIAxes2, app.img2)
axis(app.UIAxes2, 'tight')
app.UIAxes2.Title.String = name2;
The result window will display two arrows pointing upwards, respectively. (Like 101.jpg)
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chrisw23 on 9 Dec 2022
save your last setting on close event and load the last setting at startup

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