PID controller tuning error

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Md. Ashikur Rahman Any
Md. Ashikur Rahman Any on 9 Dec 2022
Answered: Jestzer on 10 Dec 2022
I have a valid matlab licence provided by my schoolo.
I try to use simulink pid controller .When I clicked tuning it showed an error.
how to fix?

Answers (1)

Jestzer on 10 Dec 2022
If your school has a license for Simulink Control Design, then make sure that the license file on your computer has it included and you have the toolbox installed. The command “ver -support” in MATLAB will list the products you have installed and the license number to the right of each thing installed. If it doesn’t show up at all, you don’t have it installed. If it says “license unknown” to the right of it, then you should run the activation software again to update your license file.

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