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Live editor's new panel is just blank when another live script is open

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I just started using Live Script more often recently and loved it. But when a couple live scripts are being edited, Matlab Live Editor refuses to let me open a new editing panel. When I click '+' for a new normal or Live script, I only gets a blank panel. The good news is that the already working panels still work. But I have to close Matalb and reopen it in order to edit a new scipt. Though my scripts process large tables, Matlab uses about 2GB memory, and my machine (Mac) has 32GB RAM and a good multicore CPU.
Matlab version: 2022b
I suspect that is a bug. Should I submit a bug report?
Simon on 18 Mar 2023
Thanks for your response. My mac OS version is Ventura 13.2.1, supported by Matalb 2022b that I have in the mac. The problems I have is with the live script editor. After I have more than four live script windows open and work on them for a while, if I try to create aother new live script window, I would get a totally blank panel and can't type in antying in it.

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V Sairam Reddy
V Sairam Reddy on 19 Apr 2023
Hi Simon,
I understand that you are getting a blank live script when trying to access more than 4 live scripts at once.
This is a known issue that is occurring in Mac due to a caching issue and we are trying to resolve it in future releases.
Meanwhile as a workaround, try increasing the memory MATLAB uses. Please refer to the following MATLAB answer to know more about how to increase memory used by MATLAB.
Please refer to the following link to know more about how MATLAB uses the available memory:
I hope this helps. If you are still facing this problem, you can contact the technical support team:
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Simon on 22 Apr 2023
Thanks for the explanation. The work by you and your team on the update are greatly appreciated.

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