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I am not able to access MATLAB Fundamentals course

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I am a student at RPTU University, Kaiserslautern, Germany. To learn MATLAB, I created an account on MathWorks using my University email address. Using the account with this email address, I successfully completed MATLAB Onramp course. Then I started learning MATLAB Fundamentals course and even completed 16% course and had left the rest to complete after a break. However since then, I am facing a unique problem. When I tried to access my course, I could not access it as the course redirected me to log in to my MathWorks account. Even after logging in, I am back to same log in page. Then I by logged out of my account and then re-logged in to access my course. However, as I clicked on resume the course, I was again redirected to log in page. Even after logging in correctly, I could not access the course.
I hope you restore me my access to my course as I need to complete the course as soon as possible.

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 27 Apr 2023
The Self-paced Training App services are down currently. You will be able to login and will be able to access your progress once the issue is resolved.


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