What happend to %#ok<DEFNU>

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tommsch on 25 May 2023
Edited: tommsch on 25 May 2023
In my last Matlab version ( I think R2020a ), I added %#ok<DEFNU> to functions (which were on purpose unused) to silence the Matlab linter warning.
Now in Matlab R2021a, Matlab linter gives me a warning that this warning suppression is not needed anymore. Since a lot of people will still use older versions of Matlab, I do not want to remove it, since then a warning appears in older versions.
  • Is this a R2021a bug, or
  • Did the behaviour of DEFNU change, or
  • was %#ok<DEFNU> removed (I doubt, because I still see it in the list of warnings in the "Preferences/Matlab/Code Analyzer"-window
Edit: I tried to make a MWE an found out that there seems to be a behaviour change, triggered by a usage of evalc.
function linttest1
function dummy; end %#ok<DEFNU> % mlinter warning here about unnecessary DEFNU
function linttest2
function dummy; end %#ok<DEFNU> % no warning here
I guess this answers my question.

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