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how to visualize sensor data from driving scene designer

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i have created a drivingscene designer smodel of my college and ihave used lidar and ins sensor in it but i am not able to create point cloud from it and iwant to create map using slam from dta obtained through simulation .anybody have idea how to do it????

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Ninad on 4 Sep 2023
Hi Shivanshu,
I understand that you want to generate a point cloud from the Lidar data and use SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to create a map of the simulated environment.
First you need to preprocess the Lidar data to remove any noise or outliers using filtering techniques such as voxel grid filtering or statistical outlier removal.
Align the Lidar data with the INS sensor data by synchronizing the timestamps and associating each Lidar point with the corresponding position and orientation from the INS sensor.
You can use a Lidar Point Cloud Generator to generate a point cloud from lidar measurements. You can refer to the following for generating a point cloud from Lidar measurements:
This link might help you with creating a Map from the processed data suing SLAM:




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