how can chose a fix rectangular in series of images that position may be changeable?

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I have to extract the rectangle for a seris of images that the size of rectangular is 30*30 but the position of rectangular is changeable in every images. Is there any way? I know that I can use imcrop and getrect. but these command need xmin,ymin position. I just need to fix xwith and ywitd. Is there any way?

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen on 29 Apr 2015
h=imrect(gca,[0 0 30 30]);
Gives you a draggable rectangle with xwidth and ywidth of 30.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Apr 2015
Cut? What does that mean? And do you need to have the width be 30 after the user is done with it, or will you take whatever he made it?

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sara on 29 Apr 2015
dear Image Analyst
I need to have the width be 30 after the user is done with it. you have a demo in this link at the of this page I find a code that when I run it, the result is like below:
I want to have a fix size square (30*30) that user can change the coordinate and has a result like below...i mean crop image with original coordinate. I hope that I could explain my opinion.


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