How to remove particular row

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I have the folloing table:
Tool1 Mek Ar 10.0 40.5
Tool1 Lahi BM2 13.0 89.4
Tool1 Ar Ar 34.0 67.8
Tool1 Puni Raj 41.0 89.9
Tool1 Jak Ar 20.0 78.3
Tool1 Lahi Lahi 12.0 99.0
Tool1 N2 BM2 14.0 89.0
Tool1 Ar Mek 25.0 95.7
Tool1 Puni Puni 17.0 90.6
Tool1 Raj Jak 20.0 100.0
uncommon list:
I want to remove a particular row if:
1. If the name in second column & third column (of any row) is equal (I mean same)
2. If the name in third column (of any row) belongs to uncommon list
Many thanks in advance.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Dec 2015
Is it a table (hopefully), or a cell array? If it's a cell array, you should really use a table instead because they're easier to deal with, faster, and take up a lot less memory. Let me know if you don't even know the difference between a table (which was introduced in R2013b) and a cell array.

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 25 Dec 2015
Edited: Azzi Abdelmalek on 25 Dec 2015
If A is your cell array and b the uncomon list
A={'Tool1' 'Mek' 'Ar' 10.0 40.5
'Tool1' 'Lahi' 'BM2' 13.0 89.4
'Tool1' 'Ar' 'Ar' 34.0 67.8
'Tool1' 'Puni' 'Raj' 41.0 89.9
'Tool1' 'Jak' 'Ar' 20.0 78.3
'Tool1' 'Lahi' 'Lahi' 12.0 99.0
'Tool1' 'N2' 'BM2' 14.0 89.0
'Tool1' 'Ar' 'Mek' 25.0 95.7
'Tool1' 'Puni' 'Puni' 17.0 90.6
'Tool1' 'Raj' 'Jak' 20.0 100.0 }
ii=cellfun(@(x,y) isequal(x,y) & any(ismember(b,y)),A(:,2),A(:,3))
Kanakaiah Jakkula
Kanakaiah Jakkula on 26 Dec 2015
Sir, it works, and this is I want. But, I am sorry to say that I did not quite understand about this code. One thing I want to ask, how does it working for condition 2 that if any of the row in column 3 belongs to uncommon list, to be removed. If I want to do this for any other column, then where should I modify this code.
Many thanks so far for your kind support.

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