license manager error -96,491

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Roger Burchett
Roger Burchett on 6 Jan 2016
Commented: Maria Sk on 3 Aug 2016
I have windows 2008R2 server hosting Flexnet. Windows 7 enterprise on clients using matlab 2015b,2014b. Worked fine for weeks until unknown cause of error. All 9 clients same -96,491 license mgr error. All clients can resolve DNS and ping ip. Firewalls were disabled to test with no result. default port 27000 is open and listening according to netstat. All systems rebooted, reinstalled, Virtual server created for flexnet licensing, still get same eror with new Server hosting licenses. Authentication works fine, error comes up when software starts on clients.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Jan 2016
It sounds like you might have already read so you are probably going to need to contact Mathworks about this.

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Answers (1)

Maria Sk
Maria Sk on 2 Aug 2016
So, did you manage to solve this problem? If so, could you please enlighten us? I get the same license error (-96,491) under a Windows 2012R2 server
Roger Burchett
Roger Burchett on 2 Aug 2016
no. As close as I can tell, this issue only affects our HP z820's in our lab. According to wireshark, the packet that is sent to request a license seat to the server is getting through and there is a packet leaving the server with the license. The packet then arrives at the workstation but the software does not accept it as valid and tries again until timing out. I believe it has to do something with the network cards that HP used on the z820's. It is either chopping something off of the packet or is not deciphering the data in the packet how the software expects. I am waiting on a NIC card to see if the problem is fixed with a PCI ethernet card.
Maria Sk
Maria Sk on 3 Aug 2016
Thank you for replying! I haven't found any workaround, yet, so I have to contact Mathworks, I guess.

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