How to specify the input folder location and save output in specified folder

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I have the following code:
clear all;
close all;
[score, M]=xlsread(filename);
filterdata=[M num2cell(score)];
outputdatafilename=['output_' outputfilename{1} '.xlsx'];
(1) I want to put input data in one folder and save out put in another (specified folder). Pl help how can I do this.
(2) I want to read all '.xlsx' files in a given folder one by one and save corresponding output in another specified folder. Pl also help how can I do this( I have give two tool's data).
Sincerely, Mekala

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 26 Feb 2016
Edited: Guillaume on 26 Feb 2016
Use |fullfile to build paths:
sourcefolder = 'C:\some\folder';
destinationfolder = 'C:\some\other\folder';
[score, M] = xlsread(fullfile(sourcefolder, filename));
xlswrite(fullfile(destinationfolder, outputdatafilename), filterdata);
Use dir to get the content of a folder:
sourcefolder = 'C:\some\folder';
fcontent = dir(fullfile(sourcefolder, '*.xlsx')); %fcontent is a column vector of structures
for file = fcontent'
filename =;
[score, M] = xlsread(fullfile(sourcefolder, filename));
By the way than regexp to get the parts of the filename is with fileparts:
[~, outputfilename] = fileparts(filename);
outputdatafilename = sprintf('output_%s.xlsx' outputfilename);
Although in your case, I don't understand why you're removing the '.xlsx' only to add it back on the next line, so you might as well simply do:
outputdatafilename = ['output_' filename];
Kanakaiah Jakkula
Kanakaiah Jakkula on 26 Feb 2016
Sir, May I ask one more thing, time format in my output file is different from input file. Can it be fixed?
My input time is :
2015/2/6 23:34:24
2015/2/7 22:34:24
2015/2/8 22:56:24
but in the output it is changed to:
2015/2/6 下午 11:34:24
2015/2/7 下午 10:34:24
2015/2/8 下午 10:56:24

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