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Explanation of a portion of the Fast Block LMS implementation in Simulink

Asked by gbernardi on 14 Mar 2016
Latest activity Commented on by gbernardi on 14 Mar 2016
Hello everyone,
I recently started to use Simulink (R2015b) and I'm trying to convert some Matlab algorithms I have designed. I have a question regarding the Simulink block called Fast Block LMS Filter.
Specifically, I don't understand why there's the need for the Assignment blocks in the inner block denominated BLMS For Iterator Subsystem (the highlighted portion of the figure I attached)
I am familiar with the operations done in the Fast Block LMS algorithm; I guess I'm just a bit confused by the way Simulink works, given that I have only been using it for a week or two.

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Apparently, those blocks simply do some checks on the outputted signals: namely, it's checked whether the signal is complex or not (if so, they take the real part) and the right indexing of the signal is performed.

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