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How to draw the below type of graph in MATLAB

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dpb on 16 Mar 2016
Simplest approximation is
doc histfit % use optional specified distribution option for Weibull
add the annotation with text
The specific form would be doable with plotyy with @hist and @plot with the vector of observations and the computed pdf values, respectively.
dpb on 16 Mar 2016
Actually that was a bum steer, sorry -- the form of input for hist doesn't meet the criterion for use with plotyy; namely that the function must have form func(X,Y)
As the other respondent noted, use the examples for two axes as an example and "salt to suit". The basics are to create to axes wherein the second is the same 'position' as the first but with the y axes at the right instead of left as is default. The samples are pretty straightforward; give it a go and show us your efforts if you get stuck...

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