Why is my field non-existent?

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown on 12 Apr 2016
Commented: Matt Brown on 12 Apr 2016
I have a piece of code that keeps returning a 'Reference to non-existant field...' error for a variable that is definitely defined and I am not sure why. Hopefully someone here can help.
The offending line of code reads:
And the error that gets returned reads: Reference to non-existent field 'dp'.
Ordinarily I would take this to mean that I hadn't defined this value or that there was a typo in the name. However the variable is definitely defined and no typos exist, as far as I can tell. This is easily verified by having the code print this value to the screen immediately before it is used:
This gives the following output on the screen:
ans = 6.095382113821141
Reference to non-existent field 'dp'.
Error in MH47MassFlow (line 108)

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Apr 2016
What about results.unc.dp? I'm betting that doesn't exist.
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Matt Brown
Matt Brown on 12 Apr 2016
Haha... now I feel dumb. That variable should have been results.unc.udp. Thanks!

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