Why won't my new live script run? It isn't throwing any errors

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Tom on 20 Apr 2016
Commented: Gauthier on 15 Sep 2016
I'm experimenting with the new live scripting capability. I like it's potential, but this morning it is refusing to run either a section or the full script. I get no output or error messages or icons. I only hear the system error sound. Even a new script such as the following produces this result.
fprintf('hello world')
Tom on 21 Apr 2016
It outputs the following:
MException with properties:
identifier: 'MATLAB:UndefinedFunction'
message: 'Undefined function or variable 'matlab.internal.edi'
cause: {}
stack: [0x1 struct]
The message in full is:
Undefined function or variable 'matlab.internal.editor.FigureManager.disableCaptureFigures'.

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Answers (1)

Zakary Wilde
Zakary Wilde on 18 May 2016
I had the same error and this worked for me.
rehash toolboxcache

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