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How can I use disp() command when submitting jobs to cluster running on 'R'?

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Kiran Sagar
Kiran Sagar on 22 Apr 2016
I am running a MATLAB code on a cluster which uses something called 'R'. I submit the job using the command qsub using a .sh file. The code works fine, but I want to check the progress in real time, while the code is running. Usually when working on my PC, I use the disp() command, but that does not work when I submit jobs to a cluster.
The code inside the sh file is:
echo "Current working directory is now: " `pwd`
echo "Starting MATLAB at `date`"
matlab -nojvm -nodisplay -nosplash < my_MATLAB_script.m > output.out
echo "MATLAB run completed at `date`"
Could someone please guide me to implement this? Thank you for the help.


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