Why is the rectangle command so much slower on the new graphics engine?

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Hi folks,
i am just comparing the performance in plotting a lot of filled circles via the rectangle command. My benchmark is Release 2010b and i want to switch to Release 2015b.
I could not believe that i found 2015b being 5 times slower! Same machine, same renderer. (Doesn't depend on the renderer, though.)
Here is my example code including time measurement.
for exp=1:0.2:5,
n=round(10^exp);cntr=rand(n,2);rad=rand(n,1);z=z+1;figure;hold on;set(gcf,'Renderer','opengl');
for i=1:n,
Who has an idea to draw so many filled(!) circles (patches or anything, not pure lines as in viscircles) at a competetive speed also in 2015b?
For a major application of mine this really is a big drawback!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Apr 2016

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