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average of one column of many text file

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I have three hundrad text files and each have 4 columns.I have to do average of 3rd column of all the text files.It will come as a single column.How can we do this.

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KSSV on 20 May 2016
txtfiles = dir '*.txt' ; % pick txt files in directory
Nfiles = length(txtfiles) ; % total number of files
iwant = zeros(Nfiles,1) ; % initialize the avg array
for i = 1:Nfiles % loop for each file
data = importdata(txtfiles(i).name) ; % load the data
iwant(i) = mean(data(:,3)) ; % get the mean


Tanmoyee Bhattacharya
Tanmoyee Bhattacharya on 20 May 2016
Sir actually by using the programme what I am getting is I have 4808 text files and each text file has 5 column which is rainfall data of 370 days means 370 rows.The output giving is one column that is 4808 rows and it is doing average of that 5 column of indivitual text files and writting 4808 row.I want 370 rows in one column where it do average of 5 th column of 370 rows of each text sending three files.
rebecca wise
rebecca wise on 3 Feb 2020
can this code work for xlsx files?

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