i use matlab MATLAB Version: (R2012b) License Number: 7XXXXX OS-win 7. i tried to use fitnet . i get the following error. help me in this reagard.

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Dhandapani.S on 11 Sep 2016
Commented: Dhandapani.S on 13 Sep 2016
Error using feval
Undefined function 'initlay' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
Error in nn_configure_bias (line 13)
net = feval(net.initFcn,'initialize',net,'b',i);
Error in network/subsasgn>setBiasConnect (line 771)
net = nn_configure_bias(net,i);
Error in network/subsasgn>network_subsasgn (line 59)
if isempty(err), [net,err]=setBiasConnect(net,biasConnect); end
Error in network/subsasgn (line 13)
net = network_subsasgn(net,subscripts,v,netname);
Error in feedforwardnet>create_network (line 104)
net.biasConnect = true(Nl,1);
Error in feedforwardnet (line 69)
net = create_network(param);
Error in fitnet>create_network (line 98)
net = feedforwardnet(param.hiddenSizes,param.trainFcn);
Error in fitnet (line 70)
net = create_network(param);
Error in cccmnet (line 2)
Dhandapani.S on 13 Sep 2016
Thank you very much Greg Heath. for the same code i was getting error. but today when i run the code, i get results. exciting. what might have happened?

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