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Download without administrator privileges

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SilverSurfer on 9 Nov 2016
Commented: Ralph on 27 Apr 2017
I need to install Matlab on a pc. Since internet access is not so good from my pc, I would like to use another computer only for downloading files. The problem is that when I run setup.exe in _temp_matlab_R2016b_win64\bin\win64 it asks for administrator privileges and I do not have them.


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Yeshwanth Devara
Yeshwanth Devara on 14 Nov 2016
You must be a local administrator to install MATLAB. If you are not a local administrator, contact your system administrator for assistance.
Refer to this link that discusses the possible issues that might cause the MATLAB installation to fail:

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Ralph on 27 Apr 2017
He wasn't asking about installation. He asked about downloading. There is no reason for the download to require Admin access. It is just bad design on the part of Mathworks.

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