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Data Cursor tool shows value close (but not equal) to actually plotted value, not a rounding issue

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z8080 on 5 Jan 2017
Commented: z8080 on 6 Jan 2017
I have a series of subplots each of which plots blue data points (representing values of 1D vectors) at corresponding x locations (y location is always 0):
I used the Data Cursor tool to see the exact value of data points placed one above the other (with close but not exactly equal x positioning), and was surprised to see that the Data Cursor shows the same value for both data points, even though that value is NOT among the values plotted for either of the subplots (it is close to those values, but not the same, such as 5965 vs 5924).
I've double checked to make sure I was comparing the right things (I was). The order of magnitude of the plotted data is integers up to a few hundred thousands, so there should be clipping/rounding effects explaining this strange behaviour!?
Thanks for any inputs!


Jan on 5 Jan 2017
Can you post some code, which reprocuds your observations? Currently all we have is a pixel image and your description, but the problem must be hidden somewhere else.
z8080 on 6 Jan 2017
Apologies, that one was my mistake. While trying to create a minimal working example to post here in reply to your comment, what usually happens happened, i.e. I discovered what the problem was myself. namely, the Data CUrsor was in fact referring to one of the othre data points on the same plot (the square), which indeed has a close if unequal value to that of the blue dot.

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