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xlswrite leaving a lot of tmp files

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Rajesh Rajaram
Rajesh Rajaram on 16 Jan 2017
Commented: Andrew Roscoe on 16 Dec 2019
I am using xlswrite in a loop to write the processed data to an excel file at the end of each loop (creates a new sheet every time). The code runs successfully, but it also leaves a lot of tmp files. This started happening in my new laptop and I am trying to figure out what is going on.
Laptop: HP ProBook; OS: Windows 7; Matlab: R2014b; Office: Office 2010;


Preethi on 17 Jan 2017
can you share your code snippet?
Andrew Roscoe
Andrew Roscoe on 16 Dec 2019
Got the same issue. Win7, Matlab R2018a

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