Transducer frequency domain response to time domain transfer functin

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M S Rashed
M S Rashed on 23 Jan 2017
Hi all
Need your expert ADVICE; I have a few .mat files that denote the characteristics of a transducer (transmitter); I want to use the data for my Matlab code, in order to observe the response it will have on my transmit signal. (Convolution with a signal)
The first file contains Magnitude of the transducer as follows: Each row contains the frequency response for one angle. Each column contains the angular response at one frequency.
Similarly, I have another .mat file that contains corresponding phase (in degrees) of the transmit voltage response
The frequencies (in Hz) (corresponding to the rows) are in another matrix given by a third .mat file
and similarly, The angles (in deg) (corresponding to the columns) are in another matrix given by a 4th file.
Can anyone help me translate these into a Time Domain representation for a specific angle (using the Magnitude and phase information for that specific angle) and construct a Transfer Function to be used with signal??? For example, for a specific angle, i take the Magnitude values from the column of the first file and corresponding phase values for the same angle from 2nd file, and do what to get a Time Domain representation? something to do with "ifft" command??
Any help will be appreciated.

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