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Using MinGW64 to create an Excel Add-in with MATLAB Compiler.

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I am trying to create and Excel Add-in using Matlab Compiler. I have tried multiple methods of installing MinGW64 Compiler as this was recommended for this purpose. I have tried using the Add-on option in Matlab, downloading the installation files separately and then installing via Matlab (as recommended in the technical support section), and installing the compiler separately and then adding environment variables to connect it to Matlab. In the error log from the compilation it says that the compiler was found, but it still crashes and claims that no supported compiler or SDK was found, and suggests I install MinGW64. I am using Windows 8, and Matlab R2016b. Please help fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Apr 2017
MinGW cannot be used to compile for Excel in R2016b; look at the chart of what each compiler is valid for.
Shant Dakessian
Shant Dakessian on 4 Apr 2017
Thanks for the reply Guillaume. Can it be used for the purpose named above?

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