HDL Coder: Fails to generate high-level timing support

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Im using HDL Coder with the IP Core Workflow and Hardware Support Package for ArrowSoCKit. Im on Matlab 16b and Quartus 15: For some reason i get the following error while generating a specific subsytem in the high-level timing report.
complete_system_inb2 Error Assertion failed: b:\matlab\src\cgir_hdl\target_analysis\characterizationkeygenerator.cpp:45:val complete_system_inb2 Warning SynthesisToolDeviceName 5CSXFC6D6F31C8 not characterized for Family cyclone v. Using default value, SynthesisToolDeviceName=5CGTFD9E5F35C7, for critical path estimation.
The problem is similar to: https://de.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/320108-assertion-failed-b-matlab-src-cgir_hdl-target_analysis-characterizationkeygenerator-cpp-45-val
Yet the problem was never resolved in the mentioned thread. (A Workarround was posted, which works, but thats no solution)

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 1 Nov 2020
You have encountered a bug in critical path estimation. However there are no active records with the signature currently active in recently available R2020b release.
Assertion failed: b:\matlab\src\cgir_hdl\target_analysis\characterizationkeygenerator.cpp:45
Please reach out to support@mathworks.com if you continue to face this issue with reproduction steps.


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