Report Generator functions giving error in executable

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Hi there, I am using Matlab Report Generator app. and compiling my code for standalone exe file. sciprt is working fine in matlab and makes executable but the launching executable gives error, error msg " ' undefined function 'Document' for input arguments of type 'char'. looks like it does not like the name type of report. here is my code
makeDOMCompilable(); import mlreportgen.dom.*; d = Document('mydoc','docx');
append(d,'Hello World');
close(d); rptview(d.OutputPath); anyone has any suggestion? thanks.
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M O on 19 Dec 2017
I got the same problem. Does anyone solved this problem?

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Answers (1)

Kobra Rezai
Kobra Rezai on 1 Mar 2021
need to add this import:
import rptgen.rptview;
import rptgen.*;

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