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Reading data from the Wii Nunchuck input into Arduino using scanI2CBus

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John on 11 Sep 2017
Dear all,
I'm trying to read in the data from the Wii Nunchuck input into the Uno Arduino using the read/write functions for Arduino IC2 interface. See description of data package below:
"In order to read data from the Nunchuk, it's necessary to send the address to read from, since the controller of the Nunchuk increments the address with every read. The data we're actually interested in lies at address 0x00 and is 6 bytes long. At address 0x20 and 0x30 (seems to be an exact copy of the bytes at 0x20)."
I have been able to connect and read from the address of the device, but am unable to read the data package. Any suggestions, particularly with regards to bitshifting to read the data?

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