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copy figure to word, grid on figure is gone

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tengzhou ma
tengzhou ma on 15 Nov 2017
Commented: tengzhou ma on 16 Nov 2017
I am using mac version of matlab when I copy figure which has grid on it to word, the figure in word has grid. But when I send the word to another guy, and he opens the word, the grid on figure is gone. I don't understand where the error is.


Rik on 16 Nov 2017
This sounds like a resolution issue. If the grid lines are really narrow, someone with a lower resolution screen might not see the lines. A solution might be to make the lines thicker.
tengzhou ma
tengzhou ma on 16 Nov 2017
but when I copy figure to word installed in windows virtual machine,the grid is on the figure, and I send the word to the same guy, the grid is also on the figure.

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