how to compare positive and negative value in matlab

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I wish to compare swt component with its skewness, swt components having both positive and negative no.s whereas skew value is negative. How can i compare it also i have to assign swt component value to 1 if its greater than skew and zero if its less than skew. I have used this syntax but didnt workout as mentioned above as,hs,vs,ds are swt component whereas sas,shs,svs, and sds are the skew value. thanks in advance
f= (as>=sas);
Stephen23 on 23 Nov 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 23 Nov 2017
@SHOBA MOHAN: because that one sentence that you wrote was not clearly an answer, nor did it include any information that seemed relevant to the question.
You are welcome to add an answer if it resolves the question.
Please explain what you mean by "I have used this syntax but didnt workout": what didn't work? What were you expecting to happen? What actually happened?
Note that the parentheses in your code are superfluous.

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