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Convert Vector to Raster - Projected Coordinate System (X and Y) but NOT Geographic Coordinate System (lat and lon)

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Claudia on 9 May 2012
I have polylines in a projected coordinate system (X and Y). I would like to convert these vector data to raster data.
I used 'vec2mtx' but get errors because my projected values are NOT within -90 and 90 or −180 and 180]. My values are around 510000 for X (False_Easting) and 6023150 for Y (False_Northing)
I tried to fix vec2mtx but it did not work.
Is there another function, tool or whatever which I can use? Do you have any idea how to convert vector projected map data to raster data?
Thanks a lot, any suggestion is more than welcome
Claudia on 11 May 2012
Hi Walter
Good idea - and quite obvious - wonder I did not think on it :-)
Just tried it. But still it does not work ...
I tried vec2mtx with an example data and it ran. I could not find any difference between the example data and my data. Will check the functions and the data again ... hopefully I find sth.
However, thank you very much for your help.

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