how to identify static image in video using matlab

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I want to capture the car image in parking space. The camera is video camera so it continuously takes all the frames. I want to capture the car image once the car is parked in the space ( car movements, static) and have to perform the number plate detection and continue the process likewise.Hope the reader can understand the question meaning.How can i achieve this? Can anyone help me on this?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Feb 2018
Adjacent static images have very low immse() . MSE of 0 would not be expected because of camera noise and small lighting differences and wind.
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SHOBA MOHAN on 6 Feb 2018
Thanks Walter. Guess, I want to do these steps. (i) check Parking space is empty or not (ii)if not empty, after some time take snapshot of car image (iii) do number recognition (iv)hold on till the space becomes empty (v) repeat from step i. Please review the steps and suggest will it work or not.

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