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change- height width and frame rate of video in matlab

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I have run 1 video with 640 x 480 resolution and frame rate-20, but when I used same kind of operation with another video -1280 x 720 and frame rate 30 result - goes to infinite loop. So my question I can able to change-height,width and frame rate of video in matlab ?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Mar 2018
You forgot to attach your code. I'm attaching my code that resizes a video.
If you want help with your code, you need to attach your code, otherwise, use my working code.
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JANAK TRIVEDI on 5 Mar 2018
Thank you Very Much. My query in the line -BoardVideo = VideoReader('C:\Users\dell\Desktop\query\output.avi'); If I change .avi file with .mp4 file with change in resolution and frame rate, not working properly.

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